About Us

A few words about us

We at MapmyStep believe that Learning through Assessment is the best practice for any student. Analysing what we learned through graded assessment helps a student to achieve great scores. We map the each step of the student’s academic journey
STEP stands for Scholastic Testing and Enrichment Programme. Mapmystep.com influences the student in every step.

Our guiding philosophy has always been to continuously direct all our efforts to developing an assessment and learning solution that will help students learn, score and simultaneously enjoy the entire process.

We have worked extensively in the area of content development for Olympiad & Talent Exams preparation. The packages help the students to crack all international/ national /regional Science/Maths /Cyber Olympiads and Talent WExams.

Our edge comes from our domain expertise and instruction design skills. The creation of quality learning solutions is made possible through our highly talented team.